How can you make your CV stand out from the crowd?

Our CV Programme has worked successfully for people of all ages and all backgrounds, applying for jobs at all levels from General Assistant to CEO.

Learn How To Write Your Own CV

Are you applying for jobs or thinking about applying for jobs?

Do you think you could land more interviews if you improved your CV?  We can help you.  

We have been providing a professional, practical and effective CV Programme to people across Ireland for over 30 years.  The effectiveness of our CV Programme is based on our experience working with companies of all sizes and specialities to select candidates.

This experience provides us with a detailed and practical knowledge about how to compose a compelling CV that will convince hiring managers and recruiters to call you for an interview.

Our CV Programme

First, you come and discuss your background with us – experience, education, training, qualifications, interests, abilities, aptitudes, personality, values, successes, achievements, strengths, aspirations, ambitions and all other relevant data that will help us to write and present your CV in the best possible manner.


  • If you have a CV, we will score it based on the evaluation techniques that we know companies use.
  • If you have a job or person description for the job in mind, we will relate our evaluation of your CV to what is required for the role.

Writing Your CV

After the session, we write you a CV with the express purpose of getting you an invitation to interview for a specific job or for interviews that you would like to be invited to in the future.

We produce a draft for your perusal and if you think any changes are needed, we will discuss, agree and implement the necessary amends.


  • The CV that we will write for you is based on our practical and authoritative knowledge of what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.
  • We will ensure that your CV is persuasive, focused, enthusiastic and that it relates to what your potential employers are looking for.

We can write an effective, persuasive, personalised Curriculum Vitae and Covering Letter for only € 300